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New York Times Bestselling Author Karin Slaughter Brings Back Will Trent And Sara Linton In This Superb And Timely Thriller Full Of Devious Twists, Disturbing Secrets, And Shocking Surprises You Won T See ComingA Mysterious KidnappingOn A Hot Summer Night, A Scientist From The Centers For Disease Control Is Grabbed By Unknown Assailants In A Shopping Center Parking Lot The Authorities Are Desperate To Save The Doctor Who S Been Vanished Into Thin AirA Devastating ExplosionOne Month Later, The Serenity Of A Sunny Sunday Afternoon Is Shattered By The Boom Of A Ground Shaking Blast Followed By Another Seconds Later One Of Atlanta S Busiest And Most Important Neighborhoods Has Been Bombed The Location Of Emory University, Two Major Hospitals, The FBI Headquarters, And The CDCA Diabolical Enemy Medical Examiner Sara Linton And Her Partner Will Trent, An Investigator With The Georgia Bureau Of Investigation, Rush To The Scene And Into The Heart Of A Deadly Conspiracy That Threatens To Destroy Thousands Of Innocent Lives When The Assailants Abduct Sara, Will Goes Undercover To Save Her And Prevent A Massacre Putting His Own Life On The Line For The Woman And The Country He Loves The Last Widow

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    Anyone who is shocked by the nightmare rise of the far right Alt right and their Nazi ideology should read this well researched addition to the Will Trenton series with Dr Sara Linton, both members of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations GBI by Karin Slaughter Slaughter pokes beneath the surface to examine the rise of this contemporary phenomena with the authentic creation of the kind of unhinged characters, ma

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    Wow Wow Wow Karen Slaughter knocked this one out of the ball park I loved loved loved it It was Earth Shattering It was the bomb I can t stop thinking of this book I just love this series I would say this is my favorite by her but I say that every time I finish one of her books I still have Pretty Girls too read by her and I can t wait to read that one But I am saving that one while I am waiting for her next book

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    I ll begin by offering a bit of advice Don t open this with the idea of just getting a few chapters under your belt Prepare Find a quiet spot, break out the emergency reading kit snacks, beverages, blankie, heart rate monitor, etc get comfortable Because this author doesn t so much gently lead you into the story as throw you off a speeding train In the ebook version we have our first kidnapping at 2% Then she gives y

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    Sara Linton and Will Trent are back This is book 9 in the popular series and my first I know, I m super late to the party, but this worked for me as a stand alone I still felt like I got to know and love Sara and Trent.This was a super charged, action packed adventure that had my emotions rocked I m pretty sure I was even holding my breath with worry at one point Sara and Trent are such a wonderful team and I was aware

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    4.5 Karin Slaughter has such a true gift for writing raw thrillers that no matter how dark and foreboding, you are completely immersed in her nail biting reads I ve been reading Karin Slaughter s books for years Both stand alone and series books, and I love both equally Dr Sara Linton is in the process of moving on.and perhaps moving in with GBI Agent Will Trent It feels like it s time to take that next step Unfortunately,

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    Before you start this the latest book in the Will Trent series, make sure you have enough time to finish it You will not want to put it down Karin Slaughter is a master or should that be mistress , when it comes to storytelling She somehow moves the story on at such a pace, but at the same time builds up the tension I don t think there were any extraneous words in this Every one of them was needed.Her books can sometimes be c

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    446 pages. has anyone noticed how inaccurate the page count is on Goodreads This book is a fantastic read The views are unlike any other reads I have experienced Three views are told in parallel and at the same time I don t have to wonder what the other person is doing or thinking because it will be explained when I read that person s view It s like a 360 degrees birds view I love the intensity of the situation when Will and Sara are surrounded by the possibility of many bad guys with guns Definitely at the edge of my seat reading this book I love that all three main characters are likable and have such interesting personalities I like the references to real life drama such as iPhone, pedophilia, white supremacists, etc I m completely tuned into this story and I couldn t put it down This book started out with a prologue, told in the third person point of view following Michelle, scientist She is out shopping with her 11 year old daughter and worrying about losing her to pedophiles, kidnappers, and boys when a van pulled up and instead of taking her daughter, they took her The story then begins with Sara, Pediatrician Medical Examiner, as she visits her mom Cathy and aunt Bella They are talking her into settling down with her boyfriend Will Sara is aware of Michelle s abduction, though it has been a month and she hasn t been found or rescued The second view is Will Trent, Special Agent Detective He s volunteered to help mow the grass for Sara s aunt The third view is Faith, Will s partner She s currently in downtown attending an important meeting about the notorious bank robber Novak They all heard two explosions coming in the direction of Emory University When Will and Sara raced to the crime scene, they were held up in an auto accident surrounded by armed and dangerous men Sara then becomes the hostage in her own car while Will ended up injured on the street The hunt begins now for Sara and Michelle The Last Widow is beautifully written and a fast paced read The author sure has a way with words I love how well she play with her words to make it sounds funny, cool, and beautifully executed I couldn t help re reading many of my favorite lines in this book Sara had actually heard the squeaking groan of his testicles retracting into his body It had taken a hell of a lot of suction to get them back out again And At this rate, the only way she was going to get laid was to crawl up a chicken s ass and wait And being cramped in a helicopter is like being trapped in an overloaded washing machine This book is my first read from this author and I am forever grateful to William Morrow s Publicist for inviting and introducing this author to me because now I just want to binge read all of her past books The ending is excellent and I highly recommend everyone to read this book Pro fast paced, page turner, hostage, close calls, intense, couldn t put down, at edge of my seat, adrenaline rush, smart characters, mimics reality Con none I rate it 5 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to William Morrows Paperback for the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honest xoxo, Jasmine at for details

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    A kidnappingan explosion or two and a dramatic showdown Karin Slaughter style1 A scientist from the Centers for Disease Control is kidnapped while out shopping with her daughter No ransom is asked, and her body has not been found.2 A month later and two explosions go off3 Hearing the explosions, Will Trent and Sara Linton rush to the sceneWhat happens next sets the stage for the book and introduces the reader to a world of evil, wh

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    Michelle Spivey, a scientist working for the CDC, is kidnapped while out shopping with her daughter Weeks later bombs go off and Will Trent his girlfriend Dr Sara Linton attempt to help when they re waylaid by a car accident In the wrong place at the right time, Will is badly beaten Sara is taken by the same people who have Michelle Suddenly Will and Sara find themselves embroiled in a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy thous

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    The Hype IS Real This was my very first Karin Slaughter and I have to say I get it Dark, disturbing, and oh so delicious This is the ninth book in the Will Trent series, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a standalone I d definitely go back and read the previous books I d like to learn the history between these characters especially Will and Amanda his boss pseudo mother Will was quirky and likable, I d love to witness how his character has

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