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Left For Dead A Victim On Display A Detective On The RailsShopping With Her Sister, DI Amy Winter Is Admiring A Valentine S Day Window Display Of A Perfect Bride Encrusted In Diamonds And Resplendent In Lace Until She Notices Blood Oozing From The Mannequin S Mouth This was my first Caroline Mitchell novel, and I am obsessed now Left for Dead was like Olivia Benson of Law and Order SVU meets the UK.I immediately knew I was going to like the protagonist as I could tell she wasn t an easy character and had an interesting perspective I loved when she went against procedure as she was a fierce detective that would do anything to solve a case The relationship between Amy and her sisters was so interesting, and I can t wait to see how that s explored in the next book My favorite characters were Ray, Amy, and Mama Danielle I loved the structure of this book as the chapters shift between four perspectives, but it never feels like too much and each perspective gives you insight into the story and the past and present murders The prologue had me immediately disturbed, and I found it so interesting getting to be in the killer s mind throughout the book It was deeply disturbing, yet I couldn t get enough Every chapter ended with a great hook that made you want to read the next chapter and yet as I got to the end I kept having to take breaks because it was getting too good, and I didn t want it to end yet as I wasn t prepared for everything that was going to happen I didn t expect there to be so many twists and even when you think you know the whole picture, the author always has something else up her sleeve.Although I haven t read the other books in this series, I think the author gave just enough information for you to understand Amy Winter and her past I can t wait to go and read the others though as I need Winter and Donovan It s similar to a crime show where there s the main story and then there s sub plots that are interesting, but you need to watch the previous episodes if you want to be able to put it all together Overall, this book amazed me with how well done and interesting the plot and characters were.Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the free ARC Third in the DI Amy Winter series, begins with Amy and her sister admiring a window display of a beautiful mannequin dressed in a lace wedding gown, encrusted with diamonds The beauty and artistry of the display takes their breath away, until Amy notices a tinge of blue around the lips of the mannequin, and the grey pallor of the skin, and when blood begins to trickle from the mouth, she realises with horror that the mannequin is actually a dead body A post mortem shows that the victim was alive when she was placed in the window, but was Left for Dead As victims turn up, investigations reveal that they all have a connection to an online website named Sugar Babes , where older men arrange meetings with young women The perpetrator of these murders becomes known as The Love Heart killer, after all the victims are found to have had a heart carved into their chest Amy and her team are clearly dealing with a psychopath here, and even though Amy has a suspect in her sights, the hunt will not only prove to be very difficult, but also dangerous for Amy herself, and tough and brave as she is, she may just have met her match this time.It goes without saying, for those of us who are familiar with Caroline Mitchell s DI Amy Winter series, that the dark and scary storylines are excellent and well executed, coming as they do with sub plots that always enhance one s enjoyment, and in this particular storyline, some chapters are given over to the killer himself, so we know exactly what dark thoughts he s entertaining, and who his next victim will be Then there are the twists and turns, and interesting characters, not least Amy, who though very complex and not without her own issues, manages to get the reader onside.It has to be said that this is another winner for Caroline Mitchell, and I look forward with great anticipation to the next in the series Thank you to Netgalley and Publishing for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange This is a case of it s me, not the book I think it is time for me to move on from this series Onto the next Policing For DummiesI was attracted to the premise of a dead woman posed as a mannequin in a store window Enter Amy, a somewhat rogue Detective Inspector who made the discovery and acts as a primary to the case Written from several character s perspectives, we know who the culprit is, but will they be caught in time to save others from the same fate Some readers don t like beginning a book in the middle of a series but I m usually okay with it In this case, it would have helped because the parallel story dealing with Amy s family is convoluted I was and still am a bit confused about her adoptive, foster, and birth families.There s also a romantic element as a minor subplot but it s handled discreetly No awkward play by play, steamy or not As a side note, I enjoy colloquialisms so when one of the characters asks a visitor if she wants a chocolate digestive with a cuppa , it made me smile.Thank you to Caroline Mitchell, Publishing UK, and NetGalley for my advance electronic copy

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